The Fogle Center| Findlay, Ohio Wedding Photographer | Emily + Jordan

Writing this blog post makes me tear up with how amazing and beautiful Emily and Jordan’s wedding day was! These two care so deeply for one another and it shows in every mannerism, every hug, and every word they speak. Hearing them read one another their vows, watching Emily’s first look with her dad and brothers, watching this couple’s first dance they choreographed, seeing first hand how God has played such an important role in this young couple’s lives together. EVERYTHING had so much feeling and thought went into making their day perfect for them, I can’t say it enough! It was an incredible HONOR to be their photographer and I’m so thankful I was a part of this day! It may have been FREEZING cold and the grass was sopping wet and muddy, but these two were determined to have beautiful photos to remember their day by — so we made it happen. They were such troopers in the cold, Jordan even carried Emily most of the day because she couldn't feel her feet, but it was well worth it! These photos truly show how beautiful a winter wedding can be!