Our Family Trip to Disney 2019

Well, we did it! We experienced Disney for the first time as a family and I must say I will always remember the joy this place brought to us all. Finnick had an absolute blast and I will never forget his face when he opened his Disney suitcase on Christmas Morning and found out we were going to the land of fairytales.

Being that this was our first trip to the Mouse House, I wanted to make sure we had every day planned to the fullest and didn't want to leave any experience left out. We chose to stay for 4 nights outside of the parks at a preferred Disney resort called Lake Buena Vista Resort and we absolutely loved it. We got to meet characters, ride rides with our fast passes (which I highly recommend), run a half marathon as a family, and we even got to see fireworks at the end of the day!

I could write a whole post about all the planning that went into this trip, but that’ll be for another day! For now, enjoy some of my favorite moments for our first trip to Disney World, Orlando!